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Welcome to the Yoga With Pedro Community!

Together we will breathe, move, and connect. I believe that yoga is for EVERYBODY. If you are looking for a sense of community while taking classes live and on demand from the comfort of your home you are in the right place!

No driving to the studio, no high cost per class, no need to stress about always getting to class "on time". Apparently, all the solutions to your problems have been solved. Time to roll out your mat and get started!

Why is Yoga with Pedro Good For You?

Classes start whenever you decide

Grab a yoga mat, or find a nice comfortable piece of carpet or Earth and let's do some yoga!

Community of Yogis

We're all students and here to

keep growing and connecting.

Yoga is for everyone, that includes you!

There's many different styles and I provide a platform for all to practice and feel good in.

Get grounded and connected


Join me for one of my unique yoga experiences that will leave you blissed and full of life.

A Word from Yogis

Practicing with Pedro has changed my life. I can't thank him enough for shining his bright light and holding space for me to heal.

Margaret C.

Pedro's smile is contagious. Every time I take his class I leave feeling so much joy and happiness in my heart.

Jane R.

Taking Pedro's yoga with live vinyasa class every Sunday is the highlight of my week. I appreciate him beyond words.

Brian H.

Pedro was my first yoga instructor ever. He made me feel right at home, reminding me that as long as I'm breathing I am doing the yoga. Yoga really is for everyone. If I can do it so can you.

Nancy L.

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