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Restore Revive & Thrive

A 21 Day Journey of Yoga, Growth and Connection

A Challenge Awaits

Are YOU ready to RESTORE your vitality, strength, and commitment to well-being? Are YOU ready to REVIVE your ambitions, dreams, and deepest heartfelt desires? Are YOU ready to THRIVE in this new year that is full of infinite potential? If you answered YES to any or all of these this challenge is FOR YOU!

My name is Pedro Luna and I've created this 21 day yoga program to help you re-energize and reorganize your life. This yoga journey is designed for anyone and everyone from beginners to advanced yogis. There is something for everyone in every practice.

Ready to THRIVE in 2021? Choose one of the 2 options below, takes less than 2 minutes to join! Membership INCLUDES the challenge!


The Details

  • The 21 day challenge begins on Monday, January 4th and ends on Sunday, January 24th.

  • This experience will be held live on Zoom, but also available to stream on-demand! The daily classes will be uploaded to a video library once they are over for you to stream at your convenience! EVERYONE can participate regardless of your time zone!

  • Classes will be held live at 6 PM EST Monday  through Friday and 9:30 AM EST Saturday & Sunday.

  • All classes are 60 Minutes long with the exception of Sunday which is 90 Minutes (and include live music).

  • You will receive a daily email that coincides with the theme of the practice for the day.

  • The styles of classes will be a well balanced mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra.

  • Program includes 5 Yoga With Live Music Experiences including our initial Day 1 class with World renowned         DJ Taz Rashid!

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Meet Pedro

Hi, I'm Pedro! I love bringing people together over the thing I am most passionate about YOGA! Before I did yoga things were rough. I was stressed, my body hurt, and I was depressed. Basically things sucked. But then I found yoga and it was a game changer.


Yoga allowed me time and space to connect with myself and a community of like minded folks. I begin to see an improvement in my life right away. I was less stressed, more flexible, and had a lot more clarity in my mind. When I signed up for my first ever yoga challenge back in 2011 it changed my life forever. I hope this challenge will change yours too! Let's get this year started right! We are #strongertogether.


The Community

Community is EVERYTHING. Throughout this journey we will connect in a private Facebook group to hold each other accountable, to inspire one another, and to motivate each other to show up time and time again. 

Check out what members of the community have to say about Pedro's yoga classes and previous challenges!

"Whether it's through the type of yoga class he teaches, the different platforms he uses, or the continued support during times of uncertainty and stress, Pedro continuously comes through for his students." -Monica G

"Pedro was my first yoga instructor ever. He made me feel right at home, less stressed, and more present in my life. Joining his community has changed my life!" -Nancy L

"I remember the first time stepping onto my mat. I was anxious, nervous, and uncertain about how it was going to go, but Pedro made it accessible and helped me get out of my head and as he always says "go with the flow." -Jaime C


Are YOU up for the challenge?

Are YOU up for the challenge?

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