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Finding Your Reason

As the end of 2019 is approaching many of us are setting intentions and looking to start something new in 2020. Maybe to create a healthy habit, start working out, meditate more, eat healthy, etc. One question that really came to me recently was, how do we get these new routines to stick? It is really easy to do something 1, 2, maybe 3 times in a row. But how do we stick to something consistently? The answer is Finding Your Reason. Finding your WHY, and that why has to be something big and have meaning for you in your life.

Before you jump into creating a new routine, or starting a new habit, take a moment to sit with your decision. Make sure that the habit you are trying to create is realistic and can be obtained. It is no fun to set yourself up for failure out of the gate. If you have an intention to work out after work at home, but are coming home to 3 kids and a dog; maybe that isn’t as realistic as setting your alarm 45 minutes earlier and doing it in the morning before everyone else is awake. Therefore, you can certainly do it, with only 1 obstacle in your way… The snooze button.

I know my beautiful wife Sumer and I tried 3x to get our fitness routine in order this year before we realized it needed to be done before the sun comes up. If we didn't there was a 90% chance it would get cancelled later in the day. Create something that you can actually make happen, and go do it. Our WHY was to gain strength, endurance, and have a deeper connection to one another, while holding ourselves accountable for the workouts. Accountability and putting in the work is key. Nobody says it is going to be easy to create new habits and new routines, but it will certainly be worth it.

The best time to start something new that is good for you was yesterday, but the second best time to do so is today, right now. When you make yourself priority numero uno you are able to show up more fully in your lives for others, because you are not pouring from an empty cup. Get your cup so full it is overflowing!!! When you take the time to make the internal shift and find that reason why you are showing up for yourself all of a sudden everything in your life starts to get easier, you have more energy, more clarity, and less time to dwell on things that no longer serve you. You simply just let those old things go, and allow for more abundance and meaningful connection in your life to flow right in.

So I ask myself, Why am I waking up at 4 am these days to meditate? And the answer is so that I can be the best version of myself and create the life that me and my family deserve. Through the power of intention anything is possible.

Dream big my friends.

No need to wait for 2020, start today.

With Love,


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