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Follow Your Dreams

If it no longer serves you, let it go. If it just doesn't feel right anymore, let it go. If you are tired of living your life for other people, LET IT GO!!!

I remember when I made one of the biggest decisions of my life 5 years ago. I decided to sell my house and everything I owned (except what I could fit in my Prius, which included my bike) and pursue a new dream in Florida. I was in a lonely dark place, and needed a change. I had graduated yoga teacher training in the fall of 2012, but was only teaching part time while working a soul sucking job at a call center. One of my best friends said to me, "why don't you just get the hell out of Illinois where it's freezing, and move to Florida with me where it is warm and figure it out from there". It sounded great on the surface, but it scared the shit out of me. I had lived within a 2 mile radius for my whole life. My comfort zone was super small, I didn't like to travel much at all. I was a homebody, yet here I was getting ready to move 1,300 miles away to South Florida.

I wanted to pursue my passion, YOGA. I was tired of working jobs and doing things that weren’t fulfilling. I knew how meaningful yoga was to me and I wanted to be able to share that with everyone. Like I wanted to yell it from the roof tops! On November 14, 2014 I headed down to Florida to follow my dreams and I was determined to have a new perspective. I wanted to wake up each day and feel grateful, grateful for the opportunity to have a fresh start and to pursue my passions. The possibilities were infinite and I was ready to discover and taste them all.

When I moved to Florida I knew 1 person. UNO! My friend Ross from teacher training and roommate. He introduced me to new friends and recommended local yoga communities to try. I was ready to connect with anyone and everyone. Brick by brick, piece by piece, and paso a paso I began surrounding myself with more and more of the people that I wanted to be around. Through my yoga community I found my beautiful wife, I met wonderful friends, learned so much about myself and gave myself a chance to live the life that I wanted.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity now 4 1/2 years later to serve so many students in South Florida, to travel, have a family, and literally create my own reality every single day. It takes time, tremendous dedication, and determination. Each and every one of us has a unique gift and I believe our job is to discover what the gift is and share that gift with the world. The world needs your light. It needs you to be you and not anybody else. It needs you to open your heart and shine baby shine (yes like a care bear). If you are feeling stuck in your life, grab a pen and paper and right a list of things you're passionate about, see if there are opportunities on that list to share some of that passion with others. Maybe you can even turn that passion into purpose and get yourself unstuck from a job or career that is no longer serving you. I have many more thoughts to share with you about going all in on yourself and entrepreneurship, but we will save that for the next blog :).

My 2 big take away's from my journey thus far have been cultivating more patience, and continuing to trust the process! Ever just sit there like come on universe can I catch a break already? Stay patient and trust your journey, the universe is running right on schedule. My therapist put it to me perfectly when I was in the fire of it all, she looked at me and said "Pedro, you don't have to figure it all out now, you will figure it along the way". You got this.

Life is made of small moments like these my friends.

Follow YOUR dreams!



Pedro Luna is a south Florida based yoga instructor, event host, and international retreat leader. He is also the co-host of YogaFestFL (the largest yoga festival in Florida), and creator of the globally recognized and hilarious Instagram page @yogimemes. Pedro is on a mission to share the gift of yoga with the world, one person at a time.

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