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Yoga Retreats

We love bringing people together from all over the world to move, breathe, adventure, and connect in amazing places.


If you are looking for a life changing experience we hope you'll join us for a yoga retreat!

Why Join The Yoga With Pedro Community? Start Here!

Why Join The Yoga With Pedro Community? Start Here!

A different kind of vacation...

Imagine taking a week to immerse yourself in a beautiful, natural location while connecting with like-minded friends and community members. Sounds like fun, right?! While yoga may be the catalyst that brings our group of friends from around the world together, it is so much more than practicing yoga once or twice a day -- We get to adventure, explore, relax, connect, enjoy local cuisine, and immerse in a new culture away from your everyday life. Scroll to see where we've visited and where we are excited to explore next. We hope you'll join us.

Join us in 2024 in Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, or Peru!

With Gratitude,

Pedro & Sumer


Past Retreats & Experiences

We've traveled to the beaches of Tulum, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the jungle of Costa Rica, and the Amalfi Coast Of Italy. Each and every retreat has been an unique experience. It's been amazing to see friends and family gather in unique places around the world while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Maybe it's your turn to take a trip of a lifetime... adventure is calling.

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Why We Host Retreats


Hearon Dickson

Pedro & Sumer's “Off The Grid and Into The Sky” retreat was nothing short of life-changing. I went to this retreat to deepen my yoga practice and to try to validate some changes I am facing in my life; both objectives were achieved. Pedro & Sumer are exceptional yoga teacher's and, I think more importantly, are also wonderful community builder's.


Jackie Kaplan

Best retreat EVER and I have been on numerous yoga retreats! For the first time yoga retreaters the bar was set EXTREMELY HIGH! Pedro and Sumer made the experience magical, fun and wonderful. A group age 22 to 71 from all over the country  jelled together amazingly well and the bonds, friendships and support will keep going strong forever! Pedro and Sumer are very special people and attract the same. Do not hesitate to join them on an upcoming retreat.

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Tabetha Day

I can never thank you enough for this beautiful, once in a lifetime experience! The group that you brought together is so special. I'm grateful for so many small moments & I hope to never forget them. From the amazing zip line tour, to special beach walks this trip was absolutely fantastic. You two are so special & inspiring. I can't wait for the next one!

You're Invited To Join Our Retreat Family

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