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Spring Into Wellness Challenge FINAL BAN
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The Details

Are you ready for a fresh start? We don't have to wait until the new year again! The spring break week you've been craving since your college days is finally here! We are hitting the reset button this spring as a community starting March 15th! For 7 consecutive days we will incorporate 5 daily wellness practices that will help you feel clearer, calmer, and stronger.


1. 10 Minute Morning Meditation.

2. Journal Reflection.

3. 60 Minute All Levels Vinyasa Yoga Class.

4. Hydrate. Drink half your body weight in ounces.

5. Declutter. We will be purging things from around our homes that no longer serve us!

The purpose of this challenge is to help emerge from the darkness of winter and into the light of spring and to establish new healthy habits or refresh some old ones.

You will be sent a daily email with the pre-recorded yoga practice, morning meditation along with other important details. Regardless of where you live in the world you can do these 5 daily practices at the time of day that is most convenient for you

Are you ready to dive in and Spring Into Wellness??? 

BONUS* By joining this challenge you will ALSO get a 2 week All Access Pass to the Yoga With Pedro Online Community once the challenge is over. The All Access Pass will give you access to over 100 yoga videos and 2 weeks of lives classes! 


To recap you get the challenge AND the bonus 2 weeks All Access Pass for just $59! Woot!

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Meet Pedro

Hi, I'm Pedro I am a South Florida based yoga instructor, community leader,  experience creator, lululemon ambassador, meme maker, and international retreat leader. I've  been teaching yoga since the fall of 2012.  I love bringing people together over the things I am most passionate about YOGA and CHALLENGES! Before I incorporated daily wellness practices into my life I was stressed, my body hurt, and I was down and out. Basically I didn't even want to be around me. But then I started habit stacking wellness practices and before I knew it, I was thriving!

The last 365 days have been all about challenges  and expanding my routine to new limits. I am so excited to embark on this 7 day journey (and beyond) with you!

Are you up for the challenge?


The Community

Community is EVERYTHING. Throughout this journey we will connect in a private Facebook group to hold each other accountable, to inspire one another, and to motivate each other to show up time and time again. 

Check out what members of the community have to say about Pedro's yoga classes and previous challenges!

"Whether it's through the type of yoga class he teaches, the different platforms he uses, or the continued support during times of uncertainty and stress, Pedro continuously comes through for his students." -Monica G

"Pedro was my first yoga instructor ever. He made me feel right at home, less stressed, and more present in my life. Joining his community has changed my life!" -Nancy L

"I remember the first time stepping onto my mat. I was anxious, nervous, and uncertain about how it was going to go, but Pedro made it accessible and helped me get out of my head and as he always says "go with the flow." -Jaime C


Are You Ready To Spring Into Wellness?!

Are You Ready To Spring Into Wellness?!

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