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YOGA WITH PEDRO One On One Mentorship

Are you a yoga teacher/entrepreneur ready to take your teaching, practice, business, and mindset to the next level?

If "HELL YES" then let's connect!

Schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me today. Click Below!



Why Join The Yoga With Pedro Community? Start Here!

Why Join The Yoga With Pedro Community? Start Here!

Time To Level Up!

As a new yoga teacher do you find yourself at times wondering HOW do I start teaching classes? Where do I start? What do I do? How can I continue to grow and refine my skills?

Yoga Teacher Training is great for laying the groundwork teaching you the foundation of philosophy, asana, meditation, anatomy, and a basic class sequence.


However, it doesn't typically deep dive into how to build a community, how to teach online, the business of yoga, networking, gaining confidence, continuing education, and making actual money as a teacher.

Over the course of the past 9 years as a Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur I have gone through my share of teacher trainings, ceus, ups and downs, learning curves, failures, successes and more. I have taught yoga classes around the world, led workshops, taught in teacher trainings, built social media brands, led international and domestic retreats, taught online, and most importantly built community around the thing I am most passionate about... YOGA of course :)

Over the past several years, many new teachers have reached out to me looking for support like this. In response to this, I decided to open up a few mentorship opportunities for those of you ready to level up! 

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Is This For Me?

This one on one mentorship is designed to help new and aspiring yoga teachers gain knowledge and skills on how to grow/build their own personal brand, create community, and dive deeper into the business of yoga. 

We will have real conversations about YOUR NEEDS as a teacher and how I can best support you on your journey. 


This is not a cookie cutter training, this is a co-created experience based on what type of support you need. 

I am an open book and will share with you anything and everything I can to make you the most successful yoga teacher you can be.  

Accountability partners are key, and I will certainly be holding you to a high standard to achieve your goals and beyond.

Schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me today. Click Below!

What To Expect

How Long Is it?

We will meet once a week for 4 weeks. Each session will be held on Zoom for 50 minutes.


You will be given a 3 month all access pass to the Yoga With Pedro Online Community.


An action plan to help you succeed now and in the future.


A deeper connection to yourself, your purpose, your practice, and your business.


This is an investment in yourself, your teaching, and your business. This is an opportunity for you to take actionable steps towards leaps and bounds of growth and opportunity. If you are ready to say HELL YES to all of the amazing opportunities and things coming your way schedule a 15 Minute FREE discovery call with me today and we will take it from there! 

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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