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Bringing The Yoga Studio Vibe Into Your Home

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

You know that feeling when you walk into the yoga studio? Ah, So sweet it is! I always feel such a calm, tranquil, peaceful energy when I walk into my community yoga studio. It's as if all of a sudden everything from the outside world slows down, I can breathe deeper, and get quiet. In the beginning of the pandemic I found it challenging to find that same studio vibe at home. With 3 kids remote learning, myself and my wife both working from home, things were chaotic. However, I found myself needing to transition from offering community yoga classes to daily Zoom yoga classes and it was essential to find that Zen space at home too.

Does the space you practice in at home give you that yoga studio vibe? With teaching Zoom Yoga I've had the chance to connect with so many yogis from around the world. Nothing holding them back, they show up to practice in their living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, back patios, kitchens, garages, etc. You name a spot around the house and I'll bet money someone has practiced yoga there in the past 7 months. I have learned you don't have to have a big open space in the middle of a lush forest to get the yoga studio vibe. Here are a few things I have found that can enhance the energy of your at home yoga space and set you up for a wonderful practice.

1. Clear Out The Clutter

In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Saucha (Cleanliness) is one of the Niyamas (observances/how you conduct yourself). This teaching is referring to more than just physical cleanliness, which is of course important, we always feel our best and more present when we are freshly showered and feeling "put together". The other two types of cleanliness I will mention here, we may not have considered as effecting the vibe of our yoga space: environmental and mental cleanliness. I have 2 spaces I typically practice yoga in at home. My Bedroom and my living room. Both of which are prone to clutter like laundry, books, paperwork, and kids toys. I have noticed when I take the 2-3 minutes before I roll out my mat to tidy up these areas I'm able to feel more grounded and present for my practice. And lastly, I practice a mental clearing each time before I step on my mat. If I need to remember something for later I will write it down, if I need to release something I will verbalize it out loud, or just pause for a moment and take a deep breath into it. So the next time you're ready to roll out your mat in your familiar space I'd like to invite you to take a few minutes to de-clutter. Taking a few moments to get settled goes a long way.

2. Set The Mood

A nice way to change the energy of a space is to put some new paint on the walls. A can of paint can really go a long way to bring a calming energy into your space. I remember when I had bold orange walls in my bedroom when I was practicing/teaching yoga at the beginning of the pandemic. They were LOUD. Once I switched them to a charcoal color it made a world of difference in how I felt while I was flowing. I felt more grounded and centered. How is the lighting in your space? Sometimes a different light bulb, lamp, or salt lamp can really set the mood as opposed to some over head LED's. I plugged in a salt lamp 2 weeks ago to warm up my space and I am loving it. Lastly, I've recently discovered how houseplants can make a space inviting and homey. I chose faux plants because I have enough to take care of with my 3 kiddos, however I did learn about a variety the are really low maintenance and do great indoors (Chinese evergreen, jade plants, philodendrons).

3. Aroma

A little fragrance in your at home space can really take the edge off. I can still smell it now, the aroma of walking into my favorite yoga studio in Chicago and the Nag Champa incense burning at the front desk in the lobby. It made me feel so good! Along with incense some other things you can burn are candles, sage, or Palo Santo. If you're not into lighting things on fire, another option for fragrances in your space is to grab an essential oil diffuser and drop in some of your favorite oils. I love a good lavender and eucalyptus blend in the fall/winter and a citrus blend in the summer.

4. The Yoga Gear